Bence Csalár blog, named after its creater, was founded in 2012 and quickly became a prominent platform of the local blogger sphere. At early stage, Bence collaborated with magazines like InStyle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour or the leading underground medium, PS magazine.

His analytic, honest and professional approach gained not only the attention of the Hungarian fashion and art world (EZT ITT A SZAKMA HELYETT, MERT AZ ELÉG MAGYAR, HA NEM KORREKT, SZÓLJ, KICSERÉLJÜK) but his work ethic made his name known internationally, amongst those open for creative and contemporary culture. Beside these projects, Bence brought various events to life: the full house fashion conference, the FashionEVE. the round table discussion series, Cup of Fashion and various exclusive fashion presentations and designer collaborations.

In 2017 BenceCsalar brand was born, staying truth to values of the founder: instead of serving the masses, dare to be yourself and live fashion as a form of art. became a magazine in 2017 and alongside with Studio Csalar, stand for our motto: #AlwaysEdgy