The Perfect Signature

Dear Readers,

Fashion week is dictating a mind-blowing tempo. As a result, I’ll probably prepare with some articles based on comparisons, related to London and Milan. In my opinion, this season is an exceptionally good one for me, from the aspect of the shows and experiences. What happened is, that I started my Sunday at the show of Marni, then I went on to see the fascinating presentation of Calvin Klein, where – as always – the pieces previously debuting at New York Fashion Week, were introduced between wonderful surroundings.

The creations made for Marni’s latest fall/winter season, are special belongings of the closet of a romantic woman with a modern point of view. Variable geometric cutting solutions, beautiful details (like the metal stripes in the heels of shoes), all suggesting daring and creative designer visions. The giant earrings and the huge applicaitions appearing at the end of the show, and the spangles all made me sense the genuine Marni feeling, and even if only figuratively, but they’ve become the perfect signature of the creative director.

Calvin Klein is always able to cast a spell on me with its enchanting minimalism. In every season, following the New York show, you can take a look at the freshest collections and the inventions of other brand lines within the framework of breathtaking presentations in Milan. The well-recognizable material usage and the cut-out solutions that are so dear to my heart, and the clothes „embellished” with fur details, enrich probably one of the most powerful collection of the upcoming season. Not to mention, that the sets of the show were styled by Panos Yiapanis. In turn, this was a guarantee for a visual orgasm.

What do you think?

Have a nice day,


Magyar verzió még több képpel a Glamour oldalán.

Photos by Wanda Martin

m_MG_8979 m_MG_8976 m_MG_8973 m_MG_8964 m_MG_8962 m_MG_8960 m_MG_8958 m_MG_8953 m_MG_8956 m_MG_8949b m_MG_8942 m_MG_8940 m_MG_8937 m_MG_8935 m_MG_8933 m_MG_8930 m_MG_8926 m_MG_8922 m_MG_8919 m_MG_8916 m_MG_8911 m_MG_8904


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