The #MyCalvins Spirit

Dear Readers,

The so-called “fashion month”, which is probably one of the most exciting months of fashion lovers, has come to an end. We could be part of the presentations of the upcoming SS collections of Hungarian designers in Budapest, following New York, London, Milan, Paris.  However, I still owe you one thing related to this year’s Fashion Week Diary, and it is a dash of Calvin Klein, to accompany your morning coffee.

Though the brand likes presenting its latest collections in New York, as a professional brand with such a history, it’s trying to be as active as possible. Among others, that is why I had the honour to see a marvelous Calvin Klein presentation in Milan.

The purity of the collection is amazing. Delicate colors, wonderful  fabrics and patterns ranged on hung up dolls in one room, where the previous footage of the fashion show was also projected. There was, however, another room. A space where we could get to know the genuine #MyCalvins spirit. The leisure jeans, these absolutely wearable, yet unique creations and of course the iconic-like lingerie were all presented that morning, so that I could reassess the last few weeks while sipping a delicious cup of coffee.

It’s time to say thank you for everyone’s help, support and for reading my articles. I’m so very grateful for Krisztina Maróy and the team of Glamour Online, for giving me this opportunity.

May the Glamour be with you!

Have a nice day,


Magyar verzió és további képek a Glamour Online oldalán.

Photos by me with Sony Camera.

2 thoughts on “The #MyCalvins Spirit

  1. Bence, Te olyan “etvagygerjesztoen” irsz, hogy az embernek rogton megjon a kedve a vasarladhoz..;)

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