Boheme Sensuality

Dear Readers,

An exciting topic’s coming up! Now there’s a luxury plus size brand called Marina Rinaldi, which aims to mix classic elegance with some modern spirit and genuine italian chic, from season to season.

 This year’s SS presentation was a big day in the brand’s history, as this was the first time they collaborated with a freelance artist, and created a little extravagant, yet wearable and very lovable collection. The upcoming spring-summer season is about harmony and balance, or the connection between them to be more exact. The cooperation of japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato undoubtedly brought freshness and a new artistic perspective. The beautiful silhouettes became complete through those premium quality prints, that the japanese designer is famous for.

The boheme sensuality of the dream world that came to life by the fusion of her presence and the Rinaldi spirit can be noticed on the final products. Stories of strong and charismatic women, and the heady echoes of poetry were sources of inspiration. Simple playfullness of flower prints are at times broken by assimetric lines, materialized in such fabrics as cotton, linen, and a little crepe de Chine. Neither will we be disappointed about the color palette, as the latest Rinaldi collection goes against the fundamental assumption (or cliché to be more exact) that says oversized ladies can only wear black. We find lacquer red, grass green, indigo and golden details.

We witnessed both sunset and sunrise on the 25th floor of Diamond Tower. While the former was made memorable by the beautiful view, the latter was made exceptional by the futureoriented, japanese-like spring-summer collection of Marina Rinaldi. This dual is probably topped Milan Fashion Week’s plus size section off.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Magyar verzió és további képek a Glamour Online oldalán.

Fotók/Photos: Marco Di Giovanni

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