Lights of Colour

Dear Readers,

The upcoming S/S collection of Furla, one of my favourite italian brands debuted last Thursday, under the name of „Lights of Colour”. I was so glad to personally meet the milanese team of the brand, from whom I received a warm welcome at the presentation, in the beautiful building of Salone dei Tessuti.

The brand invites us to a real italian journey, in search for the light and its endless shades. Exciting colors and graphic solutions are both can be found in the new collection, moreover, an extra curiosity is that though Furla launched an individual men’s clothing line a few seasons ago, this season they tried to make creations that are fundamentally unisex pieces.

The organizers established a very exciting space, where, as a result of continously varying shades of lights, sufaces glowed in ever-changing colors (and so did the bags and shoes), reflecting to the diversity of the collection. The implementation of the concept came out being high-quality and shocking, by the way. I already wrote about similar experiments on my blog, as the superficial spaces of the exhibition titled “Chromosaturation” by the venezuelan Carlos Cruz-Diez op-art and kinetic artist shone in three different RGB colors.

This virtually simple content resulted exciting things (disorders to be more exact) on the retina, creating newer and newer colors during the process. The italian brand took all this to a higher level by their professionalism and commitment to contemporary art.

We met a quite similar action in this situation, so I immediately became attached to the scenery, the collection and the talented people who worked on this project. This, is enhanced by the fact that some typical elements of op-art – which is among my favourite art movements – appear on some of the clothes. A novelty is that Metropolis bags can be combined, which is especially useful during a busy day. 3D printed bag straps and handmade, knotted and woven details materialize along with premium quality calfskin.

In case of the shoes, the repertoire enriched with formal and a little more casual pieces, on which the formerly handmade details appear. Fulfilling both genders’ needs played a major role here again.

I can bravely declare, that Furla is one exceptional italian brand, which, through its openness and renewing capability, created a standard-setting collection for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, they’re keeping the kind of iconicness, that is the reason their creations can proudly „wear” the genuine Made in Italy label. This is what #FurlaFeeling is about.

Let’s take a look at the collection!

Enjoy the rest of your day,


All photos taken with Sony Camera.

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