The Beauty Of Power

Dear Readers,

As I’d like to share so many exciting memories with you, we’d better move on to my next post about the London show of Belstaff, which is one of my favourite brands.

Their previous collection presented a side of femininity that brought with it the extraordinary mixture of beauty and comfortable elegance. The works of Amelia Earhart (the first notable  – american – female aviator) and Amy Johnson (iconic english woman pilot) served as a source of inspiration. However, in the upcoming S/S season we’re returning back to the roots, to nature and its fascinating power to be more exact.

The beauty of nature lies in its unlimited power. The brand, established in 1924, „transferred” the monumentality of waves onto the designer table. The fabric and color usage, and the silhouettes of the creations reflect to the sunbeams shining on the surface of shallow water, deep oceans and the tidal range equally.

We have to take Belstaff women into account this year again, it is more powerful, more conscious, and these facts are only enhanced by every single piece of the collection, however, it is still able to keep its calm and natural beauty. Strength of the creations is the contrast between them, as the delicate georgette dress works perfectly with the Café Racer (legendary motorcycle) inspired wilder pieces, conjured up from the 1950’s. The most frequently applied technique is printing, though we can also find knitted pieces, and creations covered with a special white coating. In case of the latter, it was used on leather surfaces mostly.

Enjoy the rest of your day,


Magyar verzió és további képek a Glamour Online oldalán.

Photos: Wanda Martin /

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