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Dear Readers,

Following the invigorating street style post, we’re getting right back to world of runways. Our first day was a kind of journey, as after the famous Somerset House, London Fashion Week was taken to a brand new location, SOHO. Although this change is beneficial to photographers hunting for stylish people on the streets, as after repetative backgrounds they have the chance to hand over diverse materials to their employers.

I’d like to show you three different shows/presentations and collections. You can get to know the latest S/S collections from the brands Manuel Facchini, PPQ and LeKilt.

The brand Manuel Facchini, named after the designer is quite new on the market, since it only debuted this season in The Vinyl Factory. Designer of the brand Byblos surprised the british audience with a unique collection. On the occasion of the premiere of his new „child”, he wanted to create an exciting fusion, mixing „Gothic Rock” style with rugby wear. Essentially, the collection can be split into two parts, still is a coherent whole, in which colors and fabrics have a huge part. The result speaks for itself. These are must haves for every energetic and ambitious women!

The latest collection of PPQ would like to create an ethereal wonder world, in which the ghosts of forgotten dynasties are able to materialize again through the creations. The patterns, inspired by China, looked wonderful on the runway, and low-key colors made the extreme pieces much more wearable. For me, ruffles were too much sometimes, although they increased the playfulness of the collections, they broke the sort of clearness I enjoyed so much during the show. Of course the show itself was more than fine, just like the hairstyle and makeup of the models.

Le Kilt was established in 2014 by Samantha McCoach. According to the brand’s philosophy, they would like to spice up family traditions with a little modern vision. The designer’s grandmother was a famous kilt maker in Scotland, ca. 40 years ago, so her passion for kilts is understandable, and her youthful innovations resulted a really exciting collection. The presentation took place in the famous venue of London, The 100 Club. You can find lively patterns, cool cutlines and loose elegance among the creations, and the icing on the cake was undoubtedly the presence of masculinity.

And now you can cherry-pick the beautiful photos of Wanda Martin.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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Photos: Wanda Martin /

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