‪#‎FashionWeekDiary for GLAMOUR

Dear Readers,

It’s my pleasure to share my experiences and perceptions over the fashion weeks on such a great surface like Glamour Online. In the upcoming two weeks I’ll take you around in the backsateges and private events of the London and Milan Fashion Weeks.

You’ll be able to get to know the most exciting „New Comer” designers, to whom it’s worth paying attention to in the future, and of course, the hotshots of fashion world will be there too, the ones that break the rules of the past season by season, and create something brand new, just by remixing the pieces of the puzzle.

On the website of Glamour, I’d like to represent a kind of multicultural era that is innovative, open, tolerant, endlessly creative and inspiring at the same time. Obviously, I’ll prepare exciting, but exclusive street style materials for you, which will be taken by such talented photographers as Wanda Martin (, an artist who graduated with an MA in  photography from London College of Art.

Moreover, it’ll be worth following the Instagram profile of Glamour and myself (@bencecsalar) too, as you’ll be able to observe the happenings first hand. And last but not least, by using the hashtags  #FashionWeekDiary and #FashionWeekTour, you can trace the pictures and materials of the shows back anywhere.

Finally, please welcome the wonderful graphics – inspired by the “Fashion Week Diary” concept and philosophy -of Anett Hajdú, designer of HajduAnett Leather Goods. Not to mention that it is also worth following the work of the designer, since there are lots of premium quality accessories brought forth in her workshop, in terms of creativity and practicality.

Let’s meet in London, followed by Milan, let’s spend these two unforgettable weeks together!

Enjoy the rest of your day,


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